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Barack Obama re-election: 20 American States demand secession

Just after a couple of days of Barack Obama’s re-election as the US President, about 20  states have filed the petition for secession on the website of the White House yesterday.

It was only days ago that Obama earned the chance to serve his second term in the White House, but the party was not over yet when a little less than half of the US states have raised their concern to make them independent and form their own government.

Although it is inevitable, that these states will not be allowed to secede from the United States but the news has startled the mind of everyone, showing that how much difference resides in the mind of people living in the United States.

The 2012 US Presidential Election was the toughest in the history of US and it looks like that America as a Nation remains separated as many have still not accepted Obama’s victory. Mitt Romney conceded the elections last Tuesday, after Obama gained a lead of more than 100 electoral votes over him.

Not to mention, these states have officially filed the petition with the White House and many of them are about to reach a considerable number to demand an official response from the Obama administration.

Tens of thousands of voters from all these states have participated vigorously in registering the petition. In order to be considered as a policy, a state must have 25,000 votes within 30 days.

Initially, the petition was filed by 18 states, whose petitions can be viewed at the following links: Georgia, New York, South Carolina, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, Kentucky, Mississippi, Colorado, Montana, New Jersey, Indiana, North Dakota, Oregon, Missouri.

Later on, Tennessee and Michigan joined hands with the rest, making the total to 20 states.

Texas has achieved 52,070 signatures on the petition while Louisiana is only 795 votes away from reaching the goal of 25,000 signatures.

As you would have thought, majority of these secession-demanding states were in the favour of Republicans and voted for Romney but the standing of New York and Oregon in the cause have stunned the minds of many.

New York needs 15,438 votes while Oregon has 16,718 more signatures to achieve a total of 25,000 votes till the 10th of December.

It is to be noted that the First Amendment of the US Constitution grants the right to each state to file for secession and when a state reaches a total of 25,000 votes, the petition is then viewed by the policy experts.

Nevertheless, with their impressively strong numbers of signatures, it would be of utmost importance to see what fortune awaits the state of Texas and Louisiana.



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