Top 10 ideas to make money online 2013 – Part 1

Ideas to make money online

When recession hit the world five years ago, a lot of people started to see home based business as a genuine opportunity to make money online. Working as a marketing manager for an e-brand selling products through an online eCommerce store or starting a new website or blog have become popular choices for those looking to make money online.

Home based or online businesses are easier to establish than just a few years ago. With the advancement of Technology, people with even zero web development experience can build their website using simple tools and softwares. In some ways, the growing trend of online businesses has played a big part in helping world’s economy recover from recession in the last couple of years.

So what do we need to start up an online business?

Of course, you will need a computer and a decent internet connection

Domain name and web hosting from a reputed company (GoDaddy, ITLinks, WordPress etc are some of the best in the business these days)

Some knowledge of SEO – although many hosting companies offer SEO services for as little as $5/month

Strong social media existence to promote your business – Facebook, twitter, Flicker can help you bring more traffic to your website

Once you have all the tools required to start an online business successfully, you should come up with a working online business idea.

1. Work as Specialist Consultant

If you have some sort of skills or experience, the best way of making online money is to provide niche industry your wisdom and expert opinions. It does not really matter what industry you are experienced in. These days, the need for experienced professionals has grown immensely.

How can you make money as a consultant?

Start your own blog or website on anything you are experienced in. Offer help to you customers by answering their questions. Once people start trusting you, they will see you as an expert and you will have your best chance of making money by offering services and consulting.

2. Build an online eCommerce store

Do you want to sell a product online to make living? These days, it has become very simple to sell products online. Products like clothes, cushions, electronics, stationeries, handmade goods, mobile phones etc can be sold easily if your website is ranked in the first two pages of Google.

What needs to be done to successfully sell your products online? Of course, you will need to buy a domain and hosting service. Get your website designed from a web developer. Make sure you have online payment option and a shopping cart function added to your website.

However, what really drives your website is the traffic. SEO experts and online marketing managers should be hired for at least a couple of months to help you compete with your competitors.

3. Specialty reviews website

Do you have passion to review restaurants, wines, hotels, electronics and other popular brands? If the answer is YES then you should consider starting an online blog/website to review services and products in any niche market. If you do a decent job, there are chances the local merchants and retailer will quickly recognise you.

You could ask them to promote their business through your website by buying advertising space. Affiliate links can also be inserted to the content to make extra cash.

Continued in Part 2


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