Top 10 ideas to make money online 2013 – Part 2

How to make online money

4. eLearning content material

If you are an individual or a group of people with a lot of knowledge on a particular subject then you should consider starting a blog/ website to make extra money. Set up an online subscription based service to provide training to people. You can also offer courses, exercises with the option of quizzes. Candidates, who successfully complete a course with your organisation, can be awarded certificates.

5. Online tutorials and lessons

Google+ can turn out be an excellent tool to increase your online income. This software helps the users arrange video conferences and online handouts. You could start a website, offering tutorials and lessons to your customers. You do not have to charge ridiculous amount of money as with the passage of time, you could end up having thousands of students attending the lessons.

6. Blogging

Blogging is an excellent way to build your online presence. As a blogger, you can start a website on almost anything. Writing news and stories, you can attract viewership from all over the world. and are the two most widely used blogs portals available these days. These websites allow you to set up own blog of free of cost. They also offer complete guidelines and tutorial on how to become a hero from zero.

To become a successful blogger, there are certain things you need to do. Build your social media presence. Share your blog with your friends and family on facebook and Twitter. Create social media pages to keep your followers updated.

SEO, link building and internet marketing can also play a big part in making your business a success. It is a common practice to hire an SEO Expert and marketing manager for a couple of months to have your website ranked in the first two pages of Google Search.

Once your blog is fully functional, you start making money by advertising and affiliate programs.

7. Deals and discounts

In tough times of modern world, it has become increasingly difficult to make your business a success. Therefore, companies are forced to give incredible and discounts and deals to their customers to build their reputation.

Customers, on the other hand, are always looking to find high quality services and products at competitive prices. Search the web, find competitive deals and pass them on to your readers. However, you must make sure you do it in a unique way as the competition is high in this industry.

8. IT

IT has always been a heart of online businesses. Having an IT based website can give you the opportunity to connect with different kinds of markets. Have you considered developing games and mobile phone applications?

If you possess hardcore IT and technical skills, this profession can prove to be a decent source of income while sitting at home. Some of the IT Giants were started in small rooms and garages. If you can come up with cool ideas, who knows you could be the next big thing online.

9. Local services

Start a website, providing services to the local community. There are thousands of things that get in our way each day. Be smart and start a business in this niche market. You could set up a website to collect old furniture for free. Rather than dumping it, you can resell via your website.

No one likes to wait in the long queues. You could give your clients the luxury to pre order from your website. With that, they will not have to pay for the parking and wait in the store. Instead, they can simply pick up the items they have ordered to save their valuable time.

10. Freelancing

Freelancing has become an extremely popular way of making extra cash these days. Students and jobless professionals from all over the world can bid on the all sorts of projects online. On successful delivery of the work, they get paid as per the agreement.

There are different types of freelance work you can apply for. Academic writing, content writing, web developing etc are some of the most popular online jobs these days. Given below is the list some of the top freelancing websites.


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