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Saudi man arrested for harassing women shoppers near Riyadh

Saudi’s apply strict laws

A young Saudi man was canned 80 times in front of a shopping mall, reports a leading news website. The source claimed the man, who was caught harassing girls in front of a shopping mall, received the punishment at the venue of the incident.

A judge stated that the ruling should be carried out at the place where the man was found harassing women. A local Saudi news website Sabq broke the news on Monday, claiming the man was arrested for misbehaving with women shoppers.

Several people gathered at Gate 1 of the shopping mall north of Capital Riyadh, in Unaizah, to witness the application of the verdict, the source further added.

The Saudi government apply strict rules in the country to control gender discrimination and harassment. The inflexible laws also let them stop crimes involving misbehaving with women. The offence is punishable under Saudi laws with strokes of the cane and jail terms.


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