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Microsoft will establish a $US100 million technology centre in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro:Microsoft Corporation has announced yesterday that they build a $US100 million technology centre in the old district of Rio de Janeiro, Porto Maravilha.

Porto Maravilha, the old district of Rio, is undergoing a hi-tech renovation due to the 2016 Olympic Games while the announcement of Microsoft’s huge investment will do them just the needed good.

The Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) is one of the most wonderful facilities, which offer a world-class environment to envisage and set up solutions to fulfil your demands.

The Rio MTC will feature a state of the art technology laboratory, a research and development department for the Microsoft’s rapidly growing search engine, Bing. Adding to that, Microsoft also aims at encouraging domestic internet technology.

It was further revealed that the MTC will be established in the foremost gas factory of Rio that was deserted in the 18th century. The building exists in the downtown port area of the city that is untidy but is now under the heavy construction because of the forthcoming Olympic Games.

Currently, Microsoft has about 12 MTCs in the United States and 17 in the rest of the world. Rio’s MTC would be the fourth of its kind, in addition to the Microsoft’s centres in Egypt, Germany and Israel.

The plan of building MTC was disclosed on Thursday while the native officials were happy with it. The local executives were quite contented with the Microsoft’s investment and expressed that this would aid enormously in their desire of converting Rio into the IT hub just like New York or Berlin.

A Brazilian website, publicised that an investment of $5 million has been made by Microsoft in the Research and Development department in Sao Paulo in the early 2012.

It was told that Microsoft’s decision of MTC is the fruit of extensive negotiations with the government of Brazil, which realised the need to increase its competitiveness globally.

Furthermore, according to the reports, to ensure the continuity of its close collaboration with Microsoft, Intel will also join the MTC.

Adding to that, Microsoft will unite with Cisco, IBM, Foxconn, Lenovo and GE to enlarge its research and operations in the powerhouse situated in South America. In the beginning of 2012, Microsoft also stated that they would start producing XBox 360s in Brazil.

At the moment, the Porto Maravilha district is under construction and to enhance the broadband infrastructure, fibre-to-the-home
and fibre-to-the-premises will be significant. This would also help them in increasing the connection speed from the now 100MB to 1GB.

In addition, the local authorities unveiled their plans of distributing 10GB capacity to businesses and homes within a decade.



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