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Easy ways to stay in shape during holidays

A large number of food lovers around the globe have the habit of over eating during holidays. Be it Christmas holidays, Easter, Thanksgiving, annual holidays or just weekends, majority of the people find it very hard to control their diet and go wild on food.

Many people have been caught up in the dilemma of trying to stay in shape but the mouth watering dishes at these special occasions are too hard to resist. Most of them demand something of equivalent lip-smacking taste that could fulfil their desire of something different and also help them maintain their shape.

A famous NYC Nutritionist, Tricia Williams has shared something of just that sort to help people stay slim throughout the pleasure-seeking time.

Tricia, who is also a Chef at Food Matters, has made people aware of five straightforward steps to maintain your shape.

According to her plan, one can lose about 200 calories from breakfast to lunch by replacing latte with drip coffee. She has encouraged the use of brown rice cake instead of a bagel and also promoted the use of olive oil and  lemon juice as an alternate for dressing. Subsequently, she has suggested lettuce as a substitute for bread.

Moving forward, she has persuaded the use of chia seeds. She suggested that two teaspoons of chia seeds should be added to iced tea. The reason for stressing the use of chia seeds is that they have omega-3 fatty acids that eventually help the individual from not taking excess diet.

In the third step, she asked the individual should review his/her diet and skipped those things that contain maximum calories.

Then, the plan move towards something that has a psychological impact, which is, one should not use full size plates and utilizes the small ones. She then articulated that the plates should not be refilled.

Lastly, she tipped to skip the regular dinner and enjoy cocktails as a dinner treat. She proposed the following:

Two wine glasses.

Mini tacos or sliders without bun.

Take three shrimps with a citrus-based tartar or a tablespoon of cocktail sauce.

And then comes the little treat to sweet your mouth, the square brownie.

Williams articulated that through this diet, one can keep the body in shape and enjoy holidays to full extent. The main thing is not just to follow the above mentioned diet but one should avoid the re-filling of plates to keep things in perspective.


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