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Barack Obama elected as President: What impact will it have on Asia

Washington DC: Barack Hussein Obama has won the US Presidential Election for the second time with 303 electoral votes yesterday.

After being in the limelight for the whole world, the US Presidential election has come to an end, resulting in the victory of Obama, who will serve another four-year tenure in the White House.

Obama, who is the 44th US President, was elected for the first time in 2008 but now, with his relentless efforts, he will reap the benefit of serving his second term in the White House.

These elections were the toughest in the US history, but Obama managed to prevail with 303 electoral votes while Mitt Romney achieved only 206.

Many believed that the Republicans had a good chance of winning the election, especially in these times, when most of the European nations have thrown away their leaders in the worst era of financial calamity.

According to the recent reports, the unemployment rate of US has risen to 7.9 percent from 7.8 percent.

Even though Obama disappointed many of his ex-supporters but he still managed to secure his spot in the White House.

With his aggressive approach, Obama has strengthened US ties with many nations but everything has its price and that is what made the relationship of US with some nations ‘Unstable’.

Obama, who raged the ‘War on Terrorism” in his tenure, suffered quite a setbacks in his mission, including the withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan and Iraq from many US alliances.

Talking about the impact that Obama administration would have on Pakistan, does not seem to be very optimistic. The ties of US government with Pakistan have deteriorated significantly over the past few years. Not to mention, the Pak-US relation has reached its lowest level during the Obama government.

Highlighting the incidents of Nato attacks in Pakistan that killed 27 Pak soldiers and as a result Pakistan blocked the route of Nato containers to Afghanistan for quite a time. On top of that, the operation against Osama Bin Laden without notifying the Pakistani authorities and not to mention the drone attacks that continues killing innocent Pakistani people on their own soil.

All of these have led the Pak-US relations to a turbulent end and the point to ponder is would any of this improve in the second reign of Obama.

Pakistan has been consistent on the part that the US government is very secretive on its strategy in Afghanistan.

On the other hand, US also seem to be on a verge of war with Iran, as it has repeatedly criticised their nuclear programs. According to the experts, the re-election of Obama administration is not expected to do any good as they would now create more pressure on Iran to put a stop to its nuclear projects.

Moving forward, there was no improvement in the relationship of US with China. Instead, both candidates kept on criticising the alleged inequitable trade policies of Beijing during the presidential campaign. In contrast, some bureaucrats believed that US has been engaged in activities to halt the progress of China while the Chinese Media has demanded to put a stop on China-Bashing as the elections are over.

It would be interesting to see whether America will try to improve their ties with Asian countries or they would just keep it that way.


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